Monday, February 8, 2010

Still Going Strong

School is still going strong, but with a beautiful 3 month old I haven't been posting like I should. I hope to get better about that very soon. Just like my last few posts I just wanted to share some of what has been going on. Little E learned what it was like to do dishes with Beloved. HaHa. He has a lot of fun helping with dishes because he can experiment with what dishes and utensils hold water better (and which ones can make a bigger mess when the water is dumped.)

And we transformed this box....

into this. :-D

The children practice their writing be mailing letters to others in the family. It's been a huge hit. The love to wake up in the morning and see that the flag is up on the mailbox. :-D And Special K has discovered a new friend. It is so much fun for her to discover her surroundings and to watch her look in the mirror. She always gives a big smile when she sees her friend. :-)

Since I fell behind on writing blog posts, I also fell behind on uploading the videos of the children's memory verses.


Anna said...

Love that smile. :) And Sweet E reminds me so much of Chloe with her coy looks. It made me giggle.