Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Value of Home Education

I just wanted to link you all to a wonderful post I just read this evening. I think you all will enjoy it. :-D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PPSD Preschool

Pilgrim Pathway School of Discovery Preschool is now in session. :-) Well, it has been in session ever since this school year started, but I really haven't taken too many photos of Little E doing his work. First I should show you his kitchen skills. :-) He loves to be in the kitchen and to help out. Mainly so he can taste everything before it's finished. ;-) Since Beloved is out of town for the week on a business trip we decided to make brownies for supper (this was yesterday afternoon) to help us get through the day. LOL He is such a good helper!

Then the first thing we did today was the lace/puzzle letters. He enjoyed putting the puzzle pieces together, but when it came time for lacing he wasn't very interested at all.

Since he really wasn't interested in lacing up the letters we decided to try something different. This time I pulled out the shapes puzzle/lace ups. He loved putting the puzzle pieces together. The first time through he just put the pieces wherever they fit. Then he did it all over again making sure the green triangle was in the green circle, the red heart was in the red circle, etc.

This pictures shows Little E fixing a mistake he made. He had the right shape in the right spot, but the correct side wasn't showing. He did such a great job with these.

While Little E was doing his school lessons, Big T and Sweet E were doing their phonics and copywork.

Here's that face again. ;-)

When Big T finished up all his work he decided to play with Little E. First they said the pegs were a forest....

Then they said they were birthday candles....

Then Little E thought it was a trumpet. :-)

We have been reading about David in school. (How he killed Goliath, King Saul tried to kill him, etc.) MFW suggested we make a lyre (what David would play) out of rubber bands and a plastic coat hanger. It didn't work so well, but the children enjoyed giving it a try.

And the whole time Special K either took a nap, rolled around on the floor, or spun around in her exersaucer. She is just too much fun!