Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Start of Penguin week :-)

Today we started on the letter P and penguins. As I was looking at the blog today I realized that I skipped the letter H. I guess I don't have any photos from it other than this water color that Beloved did of horses for the children. The children painted pictures for the letter H and E as well, but they put them somewhere and I can't find them right now....go figure. are the pictures for Horses and Elephant (The elephant was fashioned after a picture in the book, Little Elephant Thunderfoot that I mentioned yesterday.)

Isn't the painting of the baby elephant adorable? I think it is. :-) And today the children practiced writing their letters in rice today. These pics are not the greatest, but it is all I have. They really enjoy doing this as they can "erase" their mistakes and try again and again.

I also wonder.....what I am doing wrong with this blog. It rarely ever gets any posts...I get posts on my main blog but it is as if no one bothers to come over to this one. I started the second one so the school posts would overshadow the other family activities we do....I dont' know......Just would like a comment every once in a know?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Letter E

We are at the end of our lesson with the Letter E. (We finish up tomorrow) But today our home was invaded by ELEPHANTS! :-D all started with this one.

Then it was joined by a second one.....not so sure about the second one. Looks a little "iffy" to me. LOL

But then the elephants did tricks to earn some peanuts. Like, standing on one leg.

And here they are enjoying their hard earned peanuts. Oh wait.....that isn't an elephant....that's Sweet E! :-)

They wore these masks while acting out parts from a book called Little Elephant Thunderfoot as I read to them. It was pretty funny to watch. After that we did work on ready words and then painting with our excellent art teacher. I hope to show those paintings to you all tomorrow. :-)