Monday, December 29, 2008

Week I

Well, we just finished out the Ii (insect) week today. Yes, it turned into about a 2 week unit instead of one, but we had all three children sick last week (still getting over it), traveling, and family gatherings...I think we will be fine. :-) We talked about ants, ladybugs, inchworms, spiders, and other sorts of insects. We even have some in our home. See..... ;-)

Aren't they cute? I never thought I would say that about insects. ;-) We have centipedes, ants, spiders, and even ticks. The children had fun making these and choosing the colors. Well, I better get ready to start the next unit tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2008


This week the children are having so much fun this week learning about insects and the letter I. On Wednesday we talked about the ant and the ant farm we had. All the ants are dead now, but the last one didn't die off until last week. They lived much longer than we expected. Anyway, yesterday we talked about the ladybug and that it is a predatory insect. So we decided to make our own ladybugs from rocks. The children chose the two small ones and we painted the larger one together. I know...they look more like Asian lady beetles, but that is what happens when we don't have black paint. Still haven't figured out why there are two shades of blue in the paint set we bought, but not black. You can make the other blue color by mixing paints. Oh well, I just need to go buy black paint. The children are happy with how the ladybugs turned out anyway. They want to put them out in the garden. I will put them on our back porch till spring and then I will have them put the bugs outside then. :-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #18: Winter Treats


This week I want to invite you to share one of your favourite winter treats. A treat you look forward to making when the snow falls and include the recipe for it so others can try it out.

When you add your link to the linky you’re welcome to put in what you posted. For example: Miss Jocelyn -Eggnog

My theme:

My favorite winter treat is's a Mocha or Stash's white Christmas tea. Yummy!

The mochas I make are super easy. Just brew yourself a good cup of coffee. Then you add one packet of hot cocoa mix (homemade or store bought) to your cup and add coffee. That's it! I usually add some milk and if we have it, whipped cream to top it off. Can't get much better then that. But if you prefer tea, White Christmas Tea is my favorite hot tea.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Letter W

Well, we are finishing up our week for the letter Ww and water. We have done experiments with seeing how liquids change shape depending on the container you pour them into, seeing how water turns to ice when cold enough and which melts in the refrigerator or ice left out. The children have had so much fun with this. Today was their favorite I think. Today we started with this. 5 glasses of water and rice, salt, coffee bean, sugar, and oil. The children then made guesses on what would dissolve and what wouldn't. They had a lot of fun guessing what would and wouldn't. They even wanted to see what the salt water and sugar water tasted like. Obviously they prefered the sugar water. :-)

We are finishing up the week of W tomorrow and then we will be starting Letter I and insects. ;-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #17: Chores


This week I would you to share how chores are done in your home. How you order your day with school and getting housework done. How do you decide which chores should be done by which child, of which age? I’m looking forward to hearing them!

My Theme:

My children are still fairly young yet and this is something that we are finally starting to develop. The children are to help set the table and to clear it. Then one of the older two help me with dishes. Our oldest son helps feed the animals (just a dog and a rabbit) and give them water. He does a very good job of it. Actually we are in the process of making more of a list and a schedule as our family needs structure. Without turns to chaos. :-) Hope to learn a lot today reading of others ideas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When I was...

I forgot to mention something that happened when our family went to the Messiah on Sunday. As we were walking in this is a conversation that took place.

Beloved talking to the children: "This is where Mama used to go to school."

Sweet E: "When she was smart?"

We had a good laugh over that. I guess after I got my diploma that my intelligence went down hill. LOL :-D

Water Week

This week we are talking about the letter W and the theme is water. So here are a couple of videos for your. :-)

Another week

Last week they children learned the letter "Oo" and the theme for the week was the octopus. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the mural they did yet. I do have a picture of them painting the water, but they then added their own octopus to the water. (I will try and get a picture of it up soon.)

Then I let Big T have some time with the magnets, which he loves! His favorite thing to make with them right now are ships. You can see how proud he is of his creation. He asked me to take a pictue for him.

The music portion of our lessons this week was easy to fill. The local Alma Mater (MVNU) has a wonderful tradition of performing Handel's Messiah. We haven't gone for a few years, but I so happy we were able to attend this past Sunday. My pictures are not that great, pretty blurry, because we sat in the balcony and I can't hold still enough to get good shot with the zoom. But I do have a couple of videos. And I think you can hear Little E crying in both. By the time the Hallelujah chorus came around it was 9 and way past his bed time. :-)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: #16 Candy :-)

This week it’s seriously going to be just fun. This week share your favourite candies. I know from being on the HSBA Post team that Sprittibee and Dawn love gummy-bears, and maybe Bunny too. Have fun with this… and you’re welcome to post a photo of YOU eating your favourite candy. Haha!

God’s Word is also like sweetness to our souls. His sweet love, forgiveness, comfort, peace, and more is what makes our lives seem a little more bearable when things get rough. Whenever you eat your sweet piece of goodness remember that God loves you and will always be there when life seems sour.

Share a scripture for this week as well. One that lifts you up when you’re feeling discouraged.

My Theme:

What is my all time favorite candy? Reese Peanut Butter Cups! I have a major downfall for those. Especially the heart, egg, or tree shaped ones because they have extra peanut butter in them. :-) I also like dark chocolate a lot, but I am telling you...the peanut butter cups are pure delight to me. :-)

Proverbs 16:24 "Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones."