Monday, November 23, 2009

School is back in session

Yes, we had a long break since Baby K was born but Pilgrim Pathway is officially back in session. :-) We have a LOT of review to do though, but that is okay. It is to be expected when the children have had a month off, but we are on our way once again. I have a feeling that the math with have to be repeated the most for Sweet E and the phonics for Big T. The children are excited to have started school again, but it has been hard for me to get back into the "groove." It will just take a little time, but I know we are back on track.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Project

I forgot to post about the latest project. On Saturday Beloved disappeared out to the garage. What was he working on?

Do you remember how I said Big T loves the video series called The Revolution (that we borrowed from the library)? He loves to play "British" at least that is what he calls it...but he is starting to call it "Revolution" now too. Anyway, this is what Beloved was up to.

He made rifles for all three children so they could pretend they are a part of the Continental Army (or the British if they are the "bad guys"). They have had so much fun with them. I actually heard Big T and Little E talk about the civil war today as they played outside. Anything that gets them interested in history....right? ;-)

Little E can be such a ham sometimes and it makes it hard to get a decent picture. But I do find this one funny.

Plus it wasn't a very good hair day to try and get a picture taken.

More Bridge Building

You may have noticed a button in my side bar for Instant Challenges. (Go check out the challenges!) I am so glad I stumbled across this blog. With everything going on (having a newborn around again is so much FUN!) we don't get the challenges done on time with everyone else, but we do them anyway. So I just wanted to share some pictures with you on Big T giving the first challenge, Bridge Building, a try. Here are the supplies. They don't look like much but you would be surprised what you can do with them. There had to be 2 squares (8 " I think) 6 inches apart. I decided to do this on the wood floor so if the bridge fell we wouldn't have to worry about loosing any of the supplies off of the table. Anyway, you also needed some cards, scissors and the nails were for when the bridge was complete.

First I told Big T what he had to do and we gave him 2 minutes to think about how he was going to build his bridge.

Then he had 5 minutes to build his bridge.

After the five minutes was up he was supposed to have 2 minutes to place the nails onto the bridge to see how many it would hold. His first attempt did not result in a finished bridge so he decided to let Papa have a try at it and then he would try again after.

Beloved's bridge held 6 nails and when he put the 7th on it gave way. :-(

So Big T gave it a try once again and he was able to get all 10 nails onto his bridge without it collapsing. He was so proud that he beat his Papa! LOL

The next challenge was a boat race, but I haven't had the time to do that with them yet. Maybe we can do it tonight. :-) I am also hoping and praying that we can get school started back up again. Since Baby K was almost a week late we have had over a month off of school and we need to get back to it. (But that is why we started the first of we could take this time off to spend with our precious little bundle.) Oh...and hopefully soon I will have picture of our attempt at the boat race. :-)