Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Project

I forgot to post about the latest project. On Saturday Beloved disappeared out to the garage. What was he working on?

Do you remember how I said Big T loves the video series called The Revolution (that we borrowed from the library)? He loves to play "British" at least that is what he calls it...but he is starting to call it "Revolution" now too. Anyway, this is what Beloved was up to.

He made rifles for all three children so they could pretend they are a part of the Continental Army (or the British if they are the "bad guys"). They have had so much fun with them. I actually heard Big T and Little E talk about the civil war today as they played outside. Anything that gets them interested in history....right? ;-)

Little E can be such a ham sometimes and it makes it hard to get a decent picture. But I do find this one funny.

Plus it wasn't a very good hair day to try and get a picture taken.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's Eddie. Uhh "Sweet-E" I think it is lol. The Girl! She looks like she's rockin' out! I love it! Tell the kids I said hi and that Aunt Sonya and I love them.