Friday, December 19, 2008


This week the children are having so much fun this week learning about insects and the letter I. On Wednesday we talked about the ant and the ant farm we had. All the ants are dead now, but the last one didn't die off until last week. They lived much longer than we expected. Anyway, yesterday we talked about the ladybug and that it is a predatory insect. So we decided to make our own ladybugs from rocks. The children chose the two small ones and we painted the larger one together. I know...they look more like Asian lady beetles, but that is what happens when we don't have black paint. Still haven't figured out why there are two shades of blue in the paint set we bought, but not black. You can make the other blue color by mixing paints. Oh well, I just need to go buy black paint. The children are happy with how the ladybugs turned out anyway. They want to put them out in the garden. I will put them on our back porch till spring and then I will have them put the bugs outside then. :-)