Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Why is it some children choose to struggle? You know what I mean. They know how to do something but it's like the can't just do their work without making it a big ordeal. Sweet E has been doing this with math. She is very capable of doing her work. When she is focused she does a great job. But she usually starts in with the whining and frustration after doing only one problem. She has improved greatly with writing her numbers. But you can see here that her zeroes are smaller than the rest of her numbers and her fives tend to be huge in comparison. :-)

This is usually how it progresses. She is excited to do her math, she completes the first problem and then this face makes an appearance.

Then this one...

And this one appears anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour later.

She finally decides to get back to work so she can play with her brothers.

She did complete her Primer yesterday and both children are excited to start in Alpha. They wanted to start today but I need a day to go over it and make sure what I need to have for the lessons. We have had lab days, but I didn't take many pictures (don't know why). Here is the only decent picture from one of our last lab days. We were discussing how water has a skin to it. The children had fun seeing how many coins they could drop in the glass before the water would overflow.

Okay...I am off to finish up our school lessons for the day and sift through the newer pictures that I downloaded today. Pray that everyone is staying warm and having a great week!