Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Different Levels

School started out well in August with the different age levels. Now that cabin fever is setting in it is getting harder. Big T does a pretty good job on getting his work done, but Sweet E is dragging her feet more and more everyday. Why children just don't get their work done so they can move on to something else is beyond me. Well, you know....now that I think about it I do now. As parents we do this all the time (at least I do...so I hope you do too so I don't feel so bad.). We procrastinate instead of just getting something done. I procrastinate on washing dishes because I don't feel like doing them. Or I procrastinate on cleaning off my treadmill so I can loose the 50 pounds that I need to loose. LOL It just seems like Sweet E is making things harder and harder on herself. I just wish I knew what to do that would make her want to get her work done. I want her to enjoy school. Not hate it...like I did when I got older. When you dread doing something everyday it just makes life miserable.

And then there is Little E. He has been a struggle the past couple of months with his behavior. Every time I tell the older two to get their stuff ready for school, Little E whines and complains because he wants them to play. I have things for him to do, but it doesn't seem to be holding his attention anymore. As for Special K...at least she doesn't whine at me about having to do anything. She is content laying on the floor or sitting in her exersaucer. :-)

Speaking of procrastination...I better get the table cleaned off so we can have our lab day. :-D


Anna said...

In our area, everyone had last week off from school due to snow. As homeschoolers, we didn't need to take that week off. We are taking this week off instead. Chloe is having a rough time too and sometimes its okay to take a week off to "play" or do something fun and then get back into school next week. I'll let you know how it goes.