Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nature Day and Memorizatioin

Beloved's work hosted a nature day at Camp Falling Rock. I have a lot of respect for the parents who take their Boys to Boy Scout camp there. It takes a lot out of you. We hiked for probably about 1+ hour around the trails and I had enough. The outdoor amphitheater was beautiful. Too bad our camera really doesn't work so I could get a picture. But anyway...since they hosted a Nature Day we decided to take advantage of it as a field trip. The children were able to make their own trail mix, roast a hot dog, and get some s'mores! Yummy! Here is a picture of the three eating their s'mores. But Little E disassembled his shortly after this picture and just ate the chocolate. LOL

Someone even snapped a picture of our family. I thought it turned out pretty well actually. :-)

We took along some of our school work. Last week we started a book of bark rubbings from trees. The children would take a piece of paper up to a tree and use a crayon to get the rubbing. We would then trace the leaf from the same tree on the paper. We had 3 done before we got to the campgrounds and I think we did at least three more. The children had fun seeing the differences between the trees. Too bad my camera won't turn on to get a picture of their books yet though.

It's been yet another busy week trying to get school work and housework done this week. It doesn't feel like I am getting anywhere, but I know I am...little by little. Speaking of...I need to get to work, but I wanted to share the latest video of the children's Bible memorization. Sweet E is sure to give you a laugh. :-)


Anna said...

Amazing what a crown on the head will do to a girl. LOL. Chloe has that same exact crown! (and I have been working on a surprise you will appreciate today.)