Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Greek and Hebrew

Yes, you read the title right. In our Bible lessons this week we talked about how the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek. And...the fact that we have a Bible in English so that we can learn God's word. First we had Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew. The children (it's hard to see) drew grass, a tree, the sun, flowers, and a blue sky to represent creation.

After that they had copywork of the Greek Alphabet. It was interesting to watch them try their best to write them perfectly. I think they did pretty well. :-)

They actually did both of these activities yesterday. Today we made a time line and put it up on the wood trim dividing the front two rooms (it works perfectly) :-) At the start of the time line we put up their drawings with the Hebrew Genesis 1:1 and near 2009 we put a picture of the children up. So they can see where they live in relation to people in the Bible (As we learn about different people throughout the school year we will be adding to the time line.)

We briefly discussed what BC and AD mean and how we count the years "backwards" prior to Christ's birth. We will talk about it throughout the school year so they understand about it more.

Oh....and Big T and Sweet E both read their first story today! They are so excited. The read the title and about 4 short sentences. We are getting there. :-) Praise the Lord! Well....I need to get some other things done. I pray that you are all having a great school year. May the Lord bless you all. :-)