Saturday, November 22, 2008


This week we learned about the letter "D" and dinosaurs. The children had a blast. Sorry it took me this long to get things posted, but that is what happens when the hard drive crashes. :D Big T finally got to use his birthday gift that a friends gave him. You dropped a dinosaur egg into water, it foamed up, and them you discovered dinosaur bones inside to put together. (The egg was pretty much a bath bomb, but the children had fun)

Then the children drew pictures of a pterodactyl and a brachiosaurus. I think they did a wonderful job. :D They are so proud to have there pics up on the wall. :-)
I almost forgot....we got the play dough out and make our own dinosaurs. The purple one is mine. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of their dinos because they tore them apart before I could. Oh well....I will just have to be quicker next time. :-)

But the favorite thing of the week was making/painting dinos of their very own. We saved this project for the "art teacher" to do with them. Beloved drew out the basic design of the dino that they wanted, stapled the outside edges together, the children stuffed them with newspaper, and then......

Can you guess what colors they painted their dinosaurs? I am actually surprised that Big T did not choose green, but instead chose......PURPLE!

Sweet E's should be was PINK! ;-)

We have one more day of lessons to finish up with the Letter D and it's on to the next lesson. :D