Monday, November 10, 2008

On to....

..the Letter U. This week we are learning about "Us" and that God made us wonderful! Today we read a book about our 5 senses and did an activity with touch. I placed some items into a bag and then the children had to put their hand in and guess what the object was by only touching it.

They had a lot of fun, but then we changed it. I put a sock on their hand and then they had to try it again. This time it was a little harder and we all laughed as they tried to guess the objects.

I think we are going to have a ton of fun this week with this topic. Oh and our ants are doing very well. The children just love to see what new tunnels they have made. Unfortunately I don't have a new pic of the ants, but they children wanted their pic taken with the ant hill so I will share those instead. :D


Ginny said...

Love it! It looks like they really enjoy school.