Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #12 Let's Play a Game!


"Homeschoolers are very resourceful people. They use what they have and use them to their best ability. I know in our home many times people ask us how we use this or that for learning, and we are happy to explain it’s value. I think the main thing that a lot of people miss is that life is learning, and you must use everything in your home for learning otherwise you won’t fully be prepared.


This week I want to invite you to share what different games you use for learning in your homeschool. Outside games, board games, or card games, and what purpose or subject you use them for."

My Theme-

My husband and I enjoy playing games and the children are starting to enjoy them as well.

Candyland- This games helps the children with counting, colors, and taking turns.

Little Bear's Leap Frog Game- This is one of the children's favorites. This game helps with their counting and matching. It also helps teach patience (as Candyland does)

Memory- Helps them to learn to match things and memorization

I Spy Bags- helps with their dexterity and matching skill. Here is a picture of some that I have made.

The newest game that the children have found is Mancala. They haven't figured it out yet, but they are trying. :D


SuzyScribbles said...

Seems every kid starts their game journey with Candy Land. I think I overdosed on that one and much prefer Chutes and Ladders. :-)

mykidzmomnow said...

What are I Spy Bags? We enjoy Mancala, too! And we have a folding fet so we can take it with us. FUN!

Thank you for sharing,

LadySnow said...

I spy bags are something that I make. They are squares of fleece with a smaller square cut out of the center of one with a vinyl "window" sewn in. I put in poly pellets and various items such as: kernel of corn, paper clip, penny, button, etc. Then the children have a list of things to find and they have to move the bag around until they can see it.

Rhonda said...

I love the idea of an I spy bag. I think I will make some of these for my girls. Thanks for sharing.