Monday, January 17, 2011


Our family won a family pack of tickets to COSI (which never covers our whole family.) But paying $10 plus parking is a lot better than $60 plus parking. I have never been to COSI so it was new for me as well as the children. It was busy, but it was still a lot of fun. 
Don't know why, but the children thought it was hilarious to be strapped on the space potty.

All three of them crammed into the submarine.

Big T was able to pull himself all the way up with the 3 pulley system.

Can you tell Little E thought it was great fun to sit in the buggy?

Figured Papaw K would appreciate this.

I think they would have spent half the day in this diner if we let them.

Guess what he is getting ready to do

Take a ride on the high wire unicycle....17 feet off the ground!

He got stuck halfway and they had to pull him back in, but he loved it!

Special K enjoyed her time at the water table in the Kid's Space

She didn't like the hood up on her raincoat though

Sweet E with the moon up close and personal
Strong Boy!

The children keep asking when we can go back. I know Beloved wants to get back to COSI soon so he can lift a car again. :-) Little E summed it up best....."a place to play and learn!"


Anna said...

That looks like such a fun place.