Friday, January 21, 2011

Puppets and Lost Tooth

We don't brown bag our lunches but buying some to have on hand was a great idea (in my opinion anyway) :-) With the whole family (except for Big T) being sick we haven't gotten out of the house much. Sweet E asked for the brown lunch sacks to make puppets yesterday. The children had a great time and it kept them busy for over an hour. Anything that can keep them occupied for that long is a blessing. :-D

Little E didn't understand that during a puppet show he should be hidden.
Then last night Beloved told me he thought Big T would loose his tooth tonight. Well, that sort of thing makes me squeamish and I kindly ask them to go in the other room. :-) Next thing I know Big T comes in yelling, "My tooth came out!" He pulled it all by himself. The excitement was too much not to share. So, he called my Mom, my Dad, my Mother and Father-in-Love, and my Brother-in-Love. 

The Before (Big T helped edit his photos)
And after!
Our firstborn lost his very first tooth. That's a big deal in this house! It is also a good learning experience. We have The Little Brainwaves Investigate: Human Body book and have turned this into a school lesson. We talked about the parts of the tooth and how we have baby teeth and adult teeth that replace them. Big T has really enjoyed the book. I think he finds it entertaining to see the silly pictures of the little cartoon people.

He can't wait for his other tooth to come out. I think it will in the next couple of weeks. :-)


Anna said...

Oh goodness. I hope we have a long time before this happens in our house. I think I would be squeamish too. Love the teaching opportunity you turned it into though. I will have to keep that in mind whenever we experience it.