Thursday, January 13, 2011

Late again....

Here we go...late again and again and again and again. We had small pumpkins left over from Thanksgiving (they lasted a long time). So the first week of December we used them pumpkins for science experiments. The children placed their pumpkins in water to see if they would float. (I should say that the children had to make a guess whether they would float or not.)

They Float

They they had to guess how many seeds were in the pumpkins.

The children also had fun making these adorable cookies. It is so much fun to see the children develop their culinary skills. These snowman are lacking in color, but they are absolutely adorable. I should also add that they are gluten free.

So Adorable and Delicious!
 Here is Sweet E playing with her very first sewing machine. I will have to have her start practicing her hand sewing skills very soon.
She was so excited!
 Next up is Little E. We started a lap book about Astronauts. He is getting much better at cutting on the lines. 

He's Learning!

No, he didn't cut his finger. And yes, I was nervous :-)

I'll be posting more soon. I hope. :-) I guess I shouldn't make promises since I can't seem to keep them lately. (About blog posts that is)


Anna said...

Chloe would love that sewing machine. We are working on her hand sewing. I told her that if she can learn the basics of hand sewing well, I will get the machine for her birthday. We have 2 months.

Did Sweet E receive Chloe's letter?