Monday, March 14, 2011

Moving Right Along

Hard to believe we are nearing the end of our school year. Our biggest struggle is with math right now. They have improved a lot since we had them do the math drills on the Math-U-See website and some math games. 

Little E just likes watching

Last Wednesday we joined our homeschool group on a field trip to the local Kroger. It was actually very interesting and the children loved it. Especially since they got a chance to taste test a lot of yummy things. :-)

Plus....Big T looks pretty funny in his hair net. :-)

Sweet E was a good listener

You can see Little E (marked his shirt with an E)
Seeing where they crush the cardboard . Who doesn't love seeing something being crushed?

The children thought it would funny to reach through and grab someone's hand when they went to get milk. 

Then the next day it was time for the dentist. This was Little E's first time and he did very well. I was nervous, but it went just fine.

All done and everything looks good!

Next up was Sweet E. Last time she cried, but this time she did great!
Another good report!
No pictures of Big T because we were getting our teeth cleaned at the same time. 5 of us went and only one cavity! I should be really happy, but I am the one with the cavity. :-( And it's between two teeth in the same tooth that had a cavity three years ago! So frustrating. Oh well. But now I have to wait over 2 weeks to get back in because the dentist is going on vacation next week. Nothing like being told you have a cavity and they can't do anything about it for over 2 weeks. So hard to not think about it all the time!

So anyway, we are continuing to plug right along in our school work. Oh yeah! We were even able to go to co-op on Friday. Finally, no snow to keep us away.

I am praying that you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the weather. The sun is shining and it sure makes a difference! Blessings to you and your family