Friday, July 16, 2010

Staying Busy

We aren't doing any official/structured schooling, but we are always staying busy. One day I needed the children to run off some energy (P.E.). So I pulled an idea from my craft folder for the children to do. All it takes is a piece of paper, a string, and a stapler. You can find instructions for one close to our kites here. It's very simple.

You may trip and fall, but just get back up and try again. can get the kite to work. :-)

Everyone can have some fun!

And hopefully the children will sleep better at night! :-)


Anna said...

What a clever idea. We need to do that. Can you tell me more about your "craft folder" and what you have inside it?

LadySnow said...

Most of the folder is in my head. :-) Any time I see an idea I want to save for later I usually make it into a word document (if it isn't already a pdf) and save it in my homeschool folder. Then in that folder I have it divided up for things like preschool, art, history, math, music, crafts...etc