Friday, July 16, 2010

Hiking and Letterboxing

Our family has enjoyed letterboxing a lot. It teaches the children to follow directions and we get some P.E. in at the same time. We went hiking over the 4th of July weekend and I think, as a family, we hiked 6 miles total. Little E did a great job keeping up with his little legs. I think walking NY and Brooklyn helped him prepare for hiking. LOL We went up to Mohican and I think we found 4 stamps in one day. It was great to have time with the family and have a picnic lunch. We started out at the Nature Center in the campground.

Special K had the best view of all

I just want to say....this thing is a whole lot bigger than you think it is. I can remember climbing the fire tower in Jackson County Indiana all the time as a kid. So I thought, "No problem. I can climb this in a jiffy." NOT TRUE! I think I only made it up to the second platform and called it quits. Beloved said that having children changes you. He is right. My self-preservation instinct has been kicked into high gear! Big T was so upset we didn't go all the way to the top. He wasn't scared of anything.

The first hike we did was very pleasant. We walked about 2+ miles and it was all along the river. It was so quiet. I forgot how quiet it can be. I loved it! The children were sitting here watching the fish in the river.

After the first hike we had our lunch and the children wanted to walk across the covered bridge.

Two of my favorite people

This little girl is so stinkin' cute!

Then of course we had to make a stop at the swings. Special K loved sitting on my lap while swinging. She would get so made at me when I would stop. But I tell you what....those swings are not made for plump bottoms! LOL

After the swings we went over to Pleasant Hill Dam and hiked another 4 miles. I was so tired! But it was a good tired. The children can not wait to do it all over again! Hope everyone is having a great summer! We are starting a light load of school work next week (hopefully).


Anna said...

We are beginning to hike quite a bit too. It's good to get out in God's world and see nature, all the while getting in exercise. Chloe doesn't even realize it IS exercise which makes it great!