Friday, January 9, 2009


and upward! No...that doesn't sound right. LOL But we are moving on with our school work. We started with the letter C yesterday and may I say, I don't think this was a good week to start my new "diet." LOL :-) For, with the letter Cc, we learn about Cows. Yep...cows. Here is a picture of the children working on their Cc flashcards yesterday.

Even Little E got his school work done. He loves playing with these stacking pegs. He had to have at least a peg in every hole and if he didn't like how the color scheme was looking he would pull that peg out and replace it with another color until he found the look he was going for. :-)

At one point he gave me this look like, "Really Mama? I am trying to concentrate here."

But then was the fun day. They got to make butter all by themselves (Well, I did have to help just a little.) We don't have access to milk from our very own cow. Don't think the neighbors would appreciate it. ;-) But using the cream from unhomogenized milk would work......but I like to leave that in with our milk. So I purchased some cream separately, we put it in a jar with a tight lid, and went to work! The children loved shaking the jar.

Checking to see if it is ready......

Nope...needs some more shaking, so Little E decided he needed to take matters into his own hands.

But then he realized he really wasn't big enough to do this, so he passed it back off to his brother.

Looks like we finally have butter!

Poured off the butter milk and.....

Spread some fresh butter onto crackers. Yummy! The children loved it, but I had to cut them off. Didn't want them downin' the whole batch we just got done making.

See, I told you this was the wrong week to start. One of the next lessons we are supposed to have a "dairy" party. We bought three different kinds of cheese, yogurt, some unhomogenized milk, and of cream sandwiches. Yummy. Why...oh why did it have to be this week. LOL!