Friday, August 23, 2013

Clay, Tiles, and Paint

Don't know what I got myself into this time. Maybe with just one child some art/craft projects wouldn't be too bad. Having to help three and keep two more out of trouble. Welllllll............ It wasn't horrible, but it didn't go as I planned. (Which every homeschool Mom understands)

 I don't know if I mentioned this, but the curriculum we use is from My Father's World. I can't say enough about this wonderful company. This year Big T, Sweet E and Little E are doing Rome to the Reformation. The children have been enjoying the lessons on Rome. This week we read about some of the homes, gardens, and mosaics the more wealthy Romans would have had. Big T (my history buff) has loved ready through all the books we use. (The Roman Empire, Ancient World, and Streams of Civilization)

So the project for this week was to make a mosaic. This was the type of image we saw in the books we read. person who has no artistic bone in her body. Is supposed to have the children do this?

I worked last night to roll out and cut the clay into squares (and rectangles and maybe a few triangles). I knew if I left it up to the children we would spend 2 hours just cutting squares.

They look like mints
Since all that work was done for them, the children just had to sketch out an image they wanted to draw and then paint the tiles in desired colors. Here are the finished projects.

Big T's Robot

Little E's Volcano

Sweet E's Flower

This project was more complicated than I had expected, but I am happy with the results. (I think the children are too) We have finished up 3 weeks of school already. Plugging right along. We have also started soccer up again. Can you believe I have 4 kiddos playing this year? And something else to add to our schedule? American Heritage Girls. Our schedule is getting crazy, but in a good way.  Hope everyone else is having a good week. Hope to post another update next week. ;-)