Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Still here...

still doing school. I can't believe that I haven't posted in such a long time. We are doing school, I guess I keep forgetting to get the camera out. ;-) We have struggled the past month or so. It's just the time of year where the excitement of school starts to wear off and with the children being cooped up inside more...they just need to run off some energy. I don't want cabin fever to set in already, winter has just started. So we do our best to find things for them to do inside. This picture was taken a long time ago, but this is an activity that Big T enjoys. Beloved's grandfather was a locksmith many, many years ago. When his grandpa passed away Beloved kept many of the keys his grandfather had saved. The children love to get this box out and sort them by size, color and type. (98% of them are skeleton keys.)

The children have also learned how to do without water in the house for a day. The city came in and shut off our water (was supposed to be for about 4 hours). It turned out to be almost 8! Where the guy is standing in the picture (in the hole) is where I usually park. Now our parking area is all uneven and there is a big dip in the road now. Guess the children will learn how to do some yard work to even our parking area out when it warms up. ;-)

Anyway, I plan on taking more pictures of our school adventures during the new year. So I promise I will have a lot more to show. :-) Hope you are enjoying your week and Happy New Year!