Friday, October 9, 2009

Still chugging right along

Some days it is a struggle, but we are still chugging right along. I think today was day 45 for school. I am very happy with how far we have gotten on our school lessons before the baby comes. We have less than two weeks until the baby's due date. We just have to wait and see when the baby decides to make his/her entrance into this world. But due to starting early we can have a few weeks to enjoy the precious baby and not fall way behind on school lessons. :-) I am debating but I am thinking of taking the week and doing lessons on Autumn. Not sure yet though. Anyway, I tried taking some pictures during school today but as you will children tend to "ham" it up for the camera. It's hard to actually capture a picture of them doing any work these days. LOL ;-)

I did catch Little E doing some "big kid" work. (He likes to have the same papers as Big T and Sweet E.) But that wasn't going to last.

But then he noticed that I was taking his picture......

And then he decided to be silly at try to eat his schoolwork. LOL :-D

I think I was even tempted to eat the paper. I never realized how difficult the English language is to learn until I got into the middle of teaching it. You tell the children that a letter could sound one way, but then the next week you say it could sound another way. To top it off there are numerous exceptions to every rule. I am so proud of my children pushing through and doing their best to learn all of this. (The newest is the letter "y". It has it's own sound, but then can also sound like I or even E depending on how many syllables the word's so tiring trying to keep up with all of this. LOL)

Even though I was unable to capture photos of their school work... I can show a video clip of Big T and Sweet E reciting their latest bible verse.

I even have a video of Little E. He loves trying to copy what his older siblings are doing. So I tried to get a variety of things he has been saying lately on video. :-)